Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google's face lift for

Google unveiled a Beta update version to It does have a few crucial improvements. When I updated my template, the Title to my Blog become HUGE AGAIN!!!. I found the html code culprit for those SUPER LARGE BLOG TITLE FONT!!!:

From your browser, do a find (Control F), enter "pagetitlefont." It was about 1/4 inch down on my vertical scroll window. Change this to 140%-170%. Now you have sane sized title fonts, FINALLY!!! I also downsized several other title fonts, for the date stamp, post header, post comment etc.

Now that I have (re-)discovered this change, I think my experiment with blogging on is coming to a close. The site still does not give an easy way to make text flow nicely around posted pictures, an easy way to upload a lot of pictures at once (FTP hosting of pictures), and the ability to control text line spacing, padding between design elements etc. FrontPage was really good for these types of static content webpage design (newspaper style). Although FrontPage is not integrated with a database for quickly serving up dynamically changing shopping cart-like material, it was super easy to use and easy enough to make a professionally laid out text and photo pages. I will post a few more events/software reviews, and then move on to a more professionally hosted solution to my blogs. I am also intending to start a more serious blog on finance and investing related to my StockWiki pre-launch company. If anyone is reading, nice to have you along and I'll post a link to my later, more serious blog site. Jennifer

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