Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogger complaint

I was not able to reproduce the nice layout I had made using FrontPage 2003 onto my blog posts. Blogger would not accept frontpage's tagging, so none of the nice "filmstrip" layout I had made, or any of the formatted headers and description of each card made it onto my blog. I cut and pasted some of the cards and their description, but it does not look as nice. Also, blogger repeatedly failed to upload a picture, even though I received the "done" message. Eliminating extra space and moving the pictures were difficult. Blogger lost my pictures many times when I tried to move them a bit. I had to upload each pictures several times. Pages also froze often.

I really don't think this is ready for prime time. But, many others seem to like it a lot. Else Blogger.com would not have received so much free publicity. - jyoon

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