Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jennifer Yoon's hand made cards & technique

July 2006 ~ December 2005

Here are pictures of my handmade cards. I have started making cards since December 2005. Alisa Yu introduced me with Stampin' Up. Since then, I have branched out into other designers and various methods. I love many of the ones showcased here. Ochida asked me to post photos of my cards. So here is my attempt at combining this post with learning to use Blogger.com. I have used Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to layout this web page (after a dismal attempt at using a free page layout template provided by Blogger.com).

Note: Most of the cards in this group uses Crane & Co.'s 100% cotton paper, pre-packaged with stenciled dots along the bottom. This is my favorite paper for dry embossing. The embossed designs really pop out because it's a bit thinner than other cardstock, yet the paper is very strong due to the cotton fiber and will not rip. My favorite brass stencils are from Dreamweaver Stencils, but a few I love are also from All Night Media.

( *** I buy from StencilswithStyle.com (Love this place); PlaidOnline.com (for All Night Media and Anna Griffin, very slow shipping but better search and product info); AddictedtoRubberStamps.com (very fast shipping but expensive and very slow search function); and eBay for used Stampin' Up stamps. *** )

Enjoy. Jennifer Yoon

Koi. One of my favorite!
This one turned out really beautifully! I sent it to Ochida. I used Billiance pearlescent inkpads applied with Fantastix brush-tip foam applicator. Koi design by Dreamweaver Stencils (www.stencilwithstyle.com -- love this company); paper 100% cotton thin pre-made cards from Crane

I have added waves (stencil by Dreamweaver Stencils) to Koi. It looks dramatic without any coloring. I can't decide if I will leave it as is or touch up with a few focal points of coloring.

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